dis|cred|it «dihs KREHD iht», verb, noun.
1. to cast doubt on; destroy belief, faith, or trust in: »

The lawyer discredited the witness by proving that he had been bribed.

SYNONYM(S): dishonor.
2. to refuse to believe; decline to trust or have faith in: »

We discredit her because she has lied so often.

SYNONYM(S): disbelieve.
3. to do harm to the good name or standing of; give a bad reputation to: »

Being caught cheating discredited the boy among his classmates. Losing five battles discredited the general.

1. loss of belief, faith, or trust; doubt: »

These photographs throw discredit on your account of the accident. Columbus's voyage cast discredit on the theory that the earth is flat.

SYNONYM(S): disrepute.
2. loss of good name or standing: »

The young thief brought discredit to his family.

SYNONYM(S): disrepute.
3. a person or thing that causes loss of good name or standing; disgrace: »

The young thief is a discredit to his family.

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